Monday, March 30, 2009

Too excited to think of a title!

So everyone pretty much knows I love Taylor Swift. People tell me all the time... "I was listening to Taylor Swift and I totally thought of you!" or "I saw a picture of Taylor Swift and it made me think of you!" or something along those lines. Anyways...As soon as I heard about her doing her own tour this year, I knew I was going to do everything I could to get tickets. :)

I had mentioned the concert to Casey and said something about how him, Keith, and I should go and he was down to go, but Keith wasn't. But we knew he'd give in eventually, which he did :) And Casey's brother Ty said that he wanted to go, which was awesome because Casey and I were trying to get 4 of us. Anyways, I ended up finding a set of 4 tickets on ebay and did the whole "But It Now!" process, because it was the best deal I could find and the only set of 4.

AND, yeah it could get better, I entered a little raffle thing where we can get a chance to meet her. Cross you fingers!

So Taylor... Keith, Casey, Ty and I will see you in Las Vegas on May 23rd...this should be fun ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Snuggle Buggle.

Matt, Heather's husband, calls their dog Blue, Snuggle Buggle and I've never really noticed it. But over Superbowl weekend Heather was talking to Jonah while she was putting him in the car and I hear her call him Snuggle Buggle. It was hilarious. I still make fun of her for it.

Anyway, it's 12:55 a.m.(the post time is wrong) and I am extremely tired, but I cannot sleep, especially with this blog running through my head. It wasn't a good day today, but it wasn't a bad one either. I've been laying in bed thinking about it and after replaying it in my head, I've decided that it's one of those days that the only thing that would make it better would be to snuggle up with my sisters.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Potato Head Family?

Lydia got a Mr. Potatoe Head FAMILY for Christmas and it was so cool. If I could've, I would have played with it all weekend with her while Keith and I were there, but she loved her new kitchen too much... Sigh. But I did convince her once to dress ALL of them up with me. It was awesome. It makes me want to get one for my kids when they start coming 10 years from now... But by then I'm sure they'll have much cooler toys for kids. Anyways, it was awesome. She must have pretty cool parents. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

*High pitched vioce* Zoombinis!

So while I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago, Jessica and I somehow started talking about old video games and computer games that we used to play. One of those games was Zoombinis. It's a logic type game and you go through all these sorts of puzzles trying to save all your zoombinis that you create. Anyways, we got really excited and decided to look it up to see if it was still being sold somewhere and sure enough, at there it was. For about $3! It was awesome. There's three different zoombini games and they were ranged from 3-8 dollars. So I got the two I remembered playing for a total (with shipping and handling) of $12.34. Who can beat that? So I got them in the mail about a week later and I beat the game in about an hour. It's just as I remembered...but a little easier. Anyways, buy it. Totally worth it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Can you smell it now?

Afton, Maggie, and I were driving around town the other night just talking and stuff and as I cross one of the intersections I see something in the road and I didn't have time to move... I stopped in the middle of my story and freaked out because I ran over a snake. My first thought was "I can't tell Heather" because I know how sad and mad she would be. Then I start thinking about it and I'm like... I even heard it hiss and I ran it over. Then I felt even worse because it probably suffered. And to make everything better Afton tells me that sometimes they'll crawl in your engine (of course she was being sarcastic but at this point I was going to believe anything). So I was afraid to put my feet on the floor, but I had to suck it up. THEN, I think I can smell it and I kept asking them if they could smell it. I swear and I could. So I decided that we have to turn around and go look at it. We had to. So I flip a U-y(?) and we make our way back to the intersection.......I ran over a flat piece of metal. It had a little wave to it. So no, I didn't run over a snake, I didn't hear it hiss before it died, and I definitely didn't smell it. Sigh.

So the next day, while I was at work, Afton and Maggie bought a fake snake at Walmart, got ahold of my keys, and wrapped it around my steering wheel. Now he sits on my dashboard. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Busta...Short for Bustamove.

So in December, when Afton, Maggie, and I took a trip to the valley, Afton and I saw a guy in the mall playing with some toy that looked like an animal. It looked like a really small snake, but it had hair. But we knew it wasn't real, so we were tripping out. We ended up just walking off after a minute though. Well last night Maggie, Afton, and I were checking out of walmart and Maggie picks up this thing that came in a small container and I hear her say "Squirme?" I immediately knew what she was talking about and I was so excited. So I bought it. It's so entertaining. And this blog is probably making no sense at all, so I took a video as an example of what a squirme is. You'd love to have one.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

So Keith and I planned a trip for vegas a couple months ago to go see Jesscia, Troy, and the kids because it had been a while. We got there on Jan 2nd and picked them up from the airport (they came back from Alaska) and Lydie was so excited. I don't think she's ever held on to me that tight or that long. Best feeling ever. Jonah...he didn't really care, but I was very excited to see them both. After that we through the drive thru at Taco Bell. The man on drive thru duty greeted us in English then Spanish. So Troy, who went on a spanish-speaking mission, answered Spanish. He even ordered what we wanted in Spanish, at least the things he could remember. Very entertaining.
The next day we spent just chillin at home. We played with Lydia's kitchen and all her new Christmas toys. I cannot believe how much she has grown. And Jonah was crawling all over and pulling himself up to whatever table, chair, and toy he could find. Him so big :) That night we went to the Belagio(sp), saw the fountain, and had some more taco bell. :)

Now it gets really good.

Troy had an interview in Texas and had to fly out Sunday morning and was going to be back Monday night. So Jessica and I were trying to find a way to convince my mom to let me stay an extra day and miss school, but whatever she said she had a comeback for. I get a text Sunday morning from her saying "check the roads and call the weather info". So Jessica and I immediately go online and we're calling hoping that the roads weren't very good. That's bad...I know... Anyways, they were bad. I think around Flagstaff there were 4 accidents and the roads from Kingman to Winslow just got worse and worse. So we got to stay an extra day :) It was awesome. I even learned a couple things while I was there: I can only have a limited amount of cookies and soda, and I hate the game Settlers.